Cash and Travel

A lot of people prefer to use cash instead of credit card because it limits how much they can spend. There’s even research showing that the “pain” of separating from […]

Ahmedabad to Jaipur, India

Day 190: Country #20.1 Combining uncertainty with high hopes for my first walking tour in a while, and my first in India, I got up early and walked to Swaminarayan […]

Ahmedabad, India

Day 189: Country #20.1 Ahmedabad is the capital of Gujarat state, one of India’s westernmost states, bordering the Middle East with a dry arid climate to match. I’m always curious […]

Dharavi Mumbai to Ahmedabad, India

Day 188: Country #20.1 I booked a really cheap tour of Dharavi, India’s largest slum, but due to mixing up the station names, I wasn’t able to connect with the […]

West Mumbai, India

Day 187: Country #20.1 Mumbai, aka Bombay, is the capital of Maharashtra state, India’s largest mega city and economic center. Having seen the economic hub at and to the south […]

Mumbai, India

Day 186: Country #20.1 When I woke up, I realized I was not in a normal tourist hostel. Packed almost side by side in denser formations than military barracks were […]

Kochi to Mumbai, India

Day 185: Country #20.1 Having already leveraged the city’s transportation options, bus, metro, and ferry to see the city, I made an even more extremely efficient plan to visit museums […]

Kochi, India

Day 184: Country #20.1 Kochi, aka Cochin, is the commercial center of India’s Kerala state. It’s geographic shape reminds me of the San Francisco peninsula and so does some of […]

Hulhumale, Maldives to Kochi, India

Day 183: Country #22 The hotel manager was very surprised when I told him that I had walked around almost all of Male and Villingili islands in one day. Our […]

Travel ideas for dating

Creating more experiences and memories when dating can increase your chances of forming a relationship. How do you achieve this in just a few hours and still have an authentic […]

Male, Maldives

Day 182: Country #22 Male (pronounced Mal-Lei) is the capital and largest island of the Maldives archipelago, a string of over 1000 islands. I first learned of this tiny island […]