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Tag: national museum

Greater Port Moresby

I scheduled for a trusted driver through my host who advised me on a fair price. With a means of transport, I mapped out an ambitious tour starting at the […]

Solomon Islands – Honiara

After a relaxing breakfast at the Ofis airbnb/restaurant overlooking a serene ocean front view of the turquoise blue sea, I made my way via bus down the main street to […]

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

Day 23: Country #5 Kuala Lumpur, meaning the muddy estuary, is a thriving modern city with much room to grow. It’s rising as a major tourist destination and the city […]

Thailand – Medical Tourism

Day 6: Country #2 Despite thick jeans, the dog left a clean bite. Rabies is no joke and it’s important to get treatment immediately, so instead of sleeping, I went […]