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Travel ideas for dating

Creating more experiences and memories when dating can increase your chances of forming a relationship. How do you achieve this in just a few hours and still have an authentic bonding experience? Your local city is filled with things to see and do, making it an ideal venue, and you don’t need to spend that much money either. Here is what I’ve learned from traveling.

Foreign Tourist spots = Local dating spots
Ever wanted to visit the local museum? Maybe you think that’s a little too high brow for your style, but I bet when traveling, you jump at the chance to check out some museums if only to get a selfie pic or learn something interesting about the culture and country which you’re visiting. Guess what, your city is just as unique and interesting to travelers as foreign countries are you us. You’ll probably learn something new that you didn’t know before, which might spark more appreciation for your city and neighborhood and make that next stroll by a tourist attraction more interesting because now you can share interesting facts with your date.

Thailand 0202

Just as western tourists awe in eastern style temples and stupas, our foreign counterparts see majesty in western churches and cathedrals. Renew your aesthetic senses with a new lens to exploring your home town. Same goes for architectural forms and styles when we appreciate all the different ways which people decorate and express themselves through the places which they live.

Eat food on the go
Plenty of people want to sit down for a fancy meal and get to know one another, but those are two separate things. Instead of trapping somebody at a 4×4 ft or 1×1 meter (or smaller) table inside a restaurant, why not enjoy your food while walking around open spaces and seeing tourist sites? Street food tends to serve smaller portions, which allow you to try more variety in smaller and more frequent treats throughout the day. You could even pack some local convenience store foods for a famous hike. Think of each snack as a way to re-energize, reconnect with one another, and naturally transition to the next site or activity and not as an activity in itself. You might save some money, too. Besides, who made the rule that you can’t talk and walk at the same time?

0617 China x3

Take photos of novel and everyday experiences
Memories are stimulated by novelty and new experiences. We also make associations between the things we do and the people we do them with. A simple example is with photos. You might not remember anything about a place when somebody tells you about it, but the moment they show you the picture that you two took together, the memories flood back. String a few photos together and it’s easily to reconstruct a full day’s experiences.

0603 China x5

If you’re able to spend half or a whole day eating and exploring various places, that will generate lots of diverse memories and associations with you, perhaps more than can be easily remembered. A few pictures will bring it all back in a easy to follow narrative. The best part about it all is that you can do all these things without the costs of a travel budget since you’re a local. Get out there, experience your city with fresh perspective and have fun!

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