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Tag: New Zealand

Wellington to Picton

After a brief visit to the Wellington Museum, I stumbled onto the Underground Market around opening time, but having cooked Paella before, I knew that I couldn’t wait for a […]

New Zealand – Wellington

Wellington is a coastal city and capital of New Zealand, located in the middle of the country between it’s industrial north and natural south islands. I took a brisk walk […]

Taupo to Wellington via hitch hiking

It was an interesting day to say the least. We arrived in the early morning to the cabin but my travel friend somehow gave off negative vibes, which somehow disrupted […]

Rotorua to Wai-o-Tapu and Taupo

Upon multiple recommendations by hitch hikers about Wai-o-Tapu, I cobbled together two separate bus tickets which dropped me off in the middle of the road in practically the middle of […]

New Zealand – Rotorua

Rotorua is known for it’s laid back atmosphere and numerous thermal hot spots. They were quite easy to find, starting with the Sulphur Geysers along the lakeside trail between the […]

Auckland to Rotorua

Realizing misinformation by the I-site desk, I ditched my bus ticket and booked a different tour bus which allowed me to combine two tours and still reach my intended destination. […]

Auckland – Vulcanoes

Much of Auckland is dotted by Volcanoes, which I didn’t know until seeing them marked all over my map. With up to 50 around Auckland, it’s hard to miss them, […]

New Zealand – Auckland

A free morning walking tour of downtown from Queens Wharf through Vulcan Lane, Albert Park, Auckland University of Technology and ending back at the Maori Statue by the Wharf provided […]

Sydney to Auckland

After a short stroll around Central Station, I was a bit sleep deprived and both happy and disappointed to be leaving Australia so soon, having spent only two days in […]