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Category: Indonesia

Jakarta and Bogor, Indonesia

One really nice thing about Jakarta is that there is a free walking tour every day of the week. I joined the the old town tour and got an overview […]

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and Jabodetabek, aka Greater Jakarta, with over 30mn people is the second largest city in the world after Greater Tokyo. At it’s center […]

Bandung to Jakarta, Indonesia

After catching another overnight train, I arrived to Jakarta Kota (city) station and made my way to the hostel where I was advised to not use the tap water because […]

Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung is Indonesia’s third largest city, known for it’s role in establishing the first modern Asia-Africa relations. The era of transition to modernization could be felt at my first stop, […]

Yogyakarta to Bandung, Indonesia

As I stepped outside, I saw a handful of people grabbing dishes from a push cart street vendor that stopped in front of the hostel. I was fascinated by the […]

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

With only 3-4 hours of sleep, I hopped on the bus for a long westward drive to Borodobur, one of two UNESCO sites near Yogyakarta, a rather under appreciated city […]

Surabaya to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

After a short morning stroll through the nearby Universita Airlannga Campus A, B and the university hospital complex sandwiched between, I hopped on the train in Gubeng station to Yogyakarta […]

North Surabaya, Indonesia

From Gubeng station, I headed north to Masjid Cheng Ho, a rather unusual mosque dedicated to the Chinese naval explorer, Asia’s equivalent to Europe’s Magellan and Vaso da Gama. Known […]

Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya, a port city located on the west of Java island is Indonesia’s second largest city. With a rich history as a major hub for commerce, it was a strategic […]

Kupang to Surabaya, Indonesia

1.5 days in Kupang was insufficient for exploration, but it allowed me to save a lot of money on airfare because a flight between Indonesian cities is far cheaper than […]

Kupang, Indonesia

Kupang is a university city and the largest in West Timor, Indonesia. With very little tourist traffic, I was not even able to get information from the hotel, but I […]

Timor Leste to Indonesia via land

For Indonesia’s reputation as a nation of islands there is a land route to it. The path via the Motoain border from Timor Leste was created when it gained independence […]

Bali, Indonesia to Dili, Timor Leste

I slept in after the late night observing Bali’s night life then picked up my laundry and hat and meandered to the airport, stopping by the Discovery Shopping Mall and […]

Bali night life

I spent the morning on errands, seeking out laundry and a tailor to repair my insect repellent hat in preparation for additional South East Asian countries, while finding local dishes and […]

East Bali, Indonesia

From Sanur, we drove east, parallel the coastline until Candidasa where we headed inland to Tirta Gangga, a garden with stepping stones along it’s beautiful Koi ponds. Then we back […]

North Bali, Indonesia

I was confused by Bali’s different references such as how Denpasar airport didn’t match the actual airport name and why the real Denpasar city was located hours away from the […]