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Tag: Money

Cost optimizing a 22 country trip: Weather

My previous post in this series about cost optimizing talked about finding the cheapest flights, but what about the destinations? It wouldn’t make sense to fly into monsoon season or […]

Cash and Travel

A lot of people prefer to use cash instead of credit card because it limits how much they can spend. There’s even research showing that the “pain” of separating from […]

Travel ideas for dating

Creating more experiences and memories when dating can increase your chances of forming a relationship. How do you achieve this in just a few hours and still have an authentic […]

Premium upgrade for $.50/month

You may have noticed the site’s new look. I have been looking to upgrade from the personal plan to a premium plan for some time to experiment with some of […]

Bhutan, Mt. Everest then Kolkata, India

Day 167: Country #20 Despite the late night hanging out with my new Bhutanese friends, I woke early and watched clouds gliding over the mountains. After breakfast, we set off […]

Northern Dhaka, Bangladesh

Day 162: Country #18 Aware of Bangladesh’s status as one of the world’s poorest countries, my personal interest in understanding socioeconomic inequality lead me to visit the wealthy “suburbs” to […]

Religious Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 157: Country #17 The ground was still muddy in the morning, but I saw a group of men unloading truckloads of gravel to cover the street, which effectively cut […]

Hong Kong, China to Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 155: Country #17 After cross referencing different route options and their total costs, I concluded the cheapest path to Nepal was through Macau, although it required spending a night […]

Hong Kong Parks, China

Day 154: Country #15.2 Despite the complaints about high property values and lack of affordable housing as well as space, a look on the map reveals plenty of green areas […]

Hong Kong, China

Day 153: Country #15.2 When entering Hong Kong’s extensive subway system, you get an even greater sense for and appreciation of the city’s compactness. Escalators extend multiple levels below underground […]