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Category: Myanmar

Myanmar – Mandalay

Mandalay is the commercial center of Myanmar, a past capital city, and much busier than Yangon. Because of the greater ethnic and commercial diversity of this region, the application of […]

Bagan to Mandalay

The morning sunrise over the Irrawaddy River was spectacular as I took the ferry from Bagan to Mandalay, a day long trip from sunrise to sunset. As we flowed down, […]

Myanmar – Bagan

After a strenuous earth-shakingly unstable train ride (which I slept through anyway) I arrived in Bagan, the remains of an ancient capital city of Pagan, consists of thousands of temples […]

Yangon and train to Bagan

Though large, Yangon does not have all too many tourist sites and museums. But it makes up for it with daily life. I woke and looked out the window to […]

Myanmar – Yangon

Yangon, previously Rangoon, the capital of Myanmar is a busy city transitioning from closed economy to modernization. Entire city districts, especially near the river fronts were under construction in preparation […]

Myanmar by Myawaddy land crossing

Day 11: Country #2 The bus ride from Chiang Mai via land to Myanmar is long, but well paved and easy to travel. There was plenty of road construction and […]

Chiang Mai to Myanmar

Day 10: Country #2 Immediately west of Chiang Mai lies Doi Suthep containing temples, a dragon stairway, and other religious sites. Tours allow plenty of time to wander the complexes, […]