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Category: Nepal

Nepali life in Kathmandu

Day 159: Country #17 After another great breakfast on the rooftop, I sorted out new plans for Bhutan upon learning about another unexplained delay. I was becoming a little skeptical […]

Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 158: Country #17 After seeing different older corners of the city, I was ready to explore the central area on my own by foot. I weaved through various streets […]

Religious Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 157: Country #17 The ground was still muddy in the morning, but I saw a group of men unloading truckloads of gravel to cover the street, which effectively cut […]

Ring road, Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 156: Country #17 I managed to get a reasonable amount of sleep in the mother’s room, but tried to be respectful so when flights with potential real mothers started […]

Hong Kong, China to Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 155: Country #17 After cross referencing different route options and their total costs, I concluded the cheapest path to Nepal was through Macau, although it required spending a night […]