Curiosity about the world and the fundamental social and economic rules (and a little science too) by which it operates drive my travel and personal finance interests. I’ve traveled to 40 countries, and counting, through small vacations, military service and one lifetime adventure spanning all of Asia Pacific. I started this blog to help me memorialize the experience and all the lessons learned on this journey because memories fade, change and alter with time.

I also like to write about personal finance and economics because it’s very interesting to me and because following sound personal finance practices has enabled me to save, invest, and plan so much travel into my life, and much more. I’m excited to share some of the money experiences and lessons I’ve learned alongside my travel stories.

As a millennial, I understand the challenges of balancing life, responsibilities and fun, but I assure you that it is possible if you set clear goals and work diligently toward them. Anything or anywhere you’d like me to write about or analyze? Please leave a comment.

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Climbing Tiger’s Nest and playing darts with newfound Bhutanese friends afterwards – one of the best days of my life.


Celebrating the Buddha Tooth Relic Festival was like traveling back in time to ancient Sri Lanka.


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