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Tag: retirement

Open an IRA at age 18

By the time I learned that $5K invested per year from age 18 to 25 is the same as $5K invested from age 26 to the rest of your life, […]

401K contribution limit is really $55k

Ideally, we should strive to maximize our 401k contributions, but what does this really mean and how can we do it? All of us are told about the employee contribution […]

Opportunity cost

We are bombarded with spending decisions every day. Some decisions are made for us by default such as housing and commuting costs, and hopefully also retirement and savings, but our […]

Reducing taxes

By the end of January, many people should have received their W-2’s and other income documents. You may think that the prior tax year is pretty much over and all […]

Retirement strategies

A recent Stanford retirement study caught my attention. The authors evaluated nearly 300 scenarios and concluded that the best way to maximize income is to start social security at age […]