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Time Traveling Travel

Travel is an adventure through space and time. Besides seeing different cultures and locations, you can also experience, smell, hear […]

Agra, India

Day 195: Country #20.1 In addition to the sub $5 Delhi Tour, I got a combo discount for a $10 […]

Delhi, India

Day 194: Country #20.1 Delhi, pronounced Dili (similar to the capital of Timor Leste), is the capital of India and […]

Jaipur to Delhi, India

Day 193: Country #20.1 Having seen Jaipur’s major attractions, I wanted to take a day trip to Agra and return […]

Jaipur, India

Day 191: Country #20.1 As the overnight bus drove from Gujarat state into Rajasthan state, I was surprised to see […]

Cash and Travel

A lot of people prefer to use cash instead of credit card because it limits how much they can spend. […]

Northern Dhaka, Bangladesh

Day 162: Country #18 Aware of Bangladesh’s status as one of the world’s poorest countries, my personal interest in understanding […]

West Mumbai, India

Day 187: Country #20.1 Mumbai, aka Bombay, is the capital of Maharashtra state, India’s largest mega city and economic center. […]

Kolkata, India

Day 168: Country #20 Kolkata, aka Culcutta, India is the capital city of West Bengal state, and the third largest […]

Male, Maldives

Day 182: Country #22 Male (pronounced Mal-Lei) is the capital and largest island of the Maldives archipelago, a string of […]