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Month: March 2018

Cost of your time

How do you decide if a restaurant meal, a repair service or a lawyer is worth their price? One method is to compare how long it takes for you to […]

Solomon Islands – Honiara

After a relaxing breakfast at the Ofis airbnb/restaurant overlooking a serene ocean front view of the turquoise blue sea, I made my way via bus down the main street to […]

Australia to Solomon Islands

I witnessed the busy morning commute through the Roma Street busway and malls then caught a flight to the Solomon Islands and immediate re-immersed to developing world conditions. I was […]

Australia – Brisbane

Brisbane is the fastest growing city in Australia and the country’s new gateway to Asia. It’s semi-isolation from the rest of Australia and development around the Brisbane river with periodic […]

Christchurch to Brisbane

The short stay at Christchurch, New Zealand was disappointing as I would have loved to join locals for coffee at a cafe and understand their stories post quake. Despite exploring […]

Picton to Christchurch via Wellington

My early morning walk through Picton’s marina and park lived up to the “perfect peace” banner that overlooked the water. However, with only a half day in Picton and no […]

Buying vs renting

Often the rhetoric around “buy or rent” centers around housing with each side overemphasizing one factor or another to justify their claim, but financially speaking renting is almost always better. […]

Wellington to Picton

After a brief visit to the Wellington Museum, I stumbled onto the Underground Market around opening time, but having cooked Paella before, I knew that I couldn’t wait for a […]

New Zealand – Wellington

Wellington is a coastal city and capital of New Zealand, located in the middle of the country between it’s industrial north and natural south islands. I took a brisk walk […]

Taupo to Wellington via hitch hiking

It was an interesting day to say the least. We arrived in the early morning to the cabin but my travel friend somehow gave off negative vibes, which somehow disrupted […]

Rotorua to Wai-o-Tapu and Taupo

Upon multiple recommendations by hitch hikers about Wai-o-Tapu, I cobbled together two separate bus tickets which dropped me off in the middle of the road in practically the middle of […]