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Category: Money

Cost optimizing a 22 country trip: Weather

My previous post in this series about cost optimizing talked about finding the cheapest flights, but what about the destinations? It wouldn’t make sense to fly into monsoon season or […]

Cash and Travel

A lot of people prefer to use cash instead of credit card because it limits how much they can spend. There’s even research showing that the “pain” of separating from […]

Travel ideas for dating

Creating more experiences and memories when dating can increase your chances of forming a relationship. How do you achieve this in just a few hours and still have an authentic […]

Premium upgrade for $.50/month

You may have noticed the site’s new look. I have been looking to upgrade from the personal plan to a premium plan for some time to experiment with some of […]

Library money savings

You may associate libraries with books, but do you see them as a repository of money? If you aren’t a fan of reading but would like to save money, here […]

Cost of your time

How do you decide if a restaurant meal, a repair service or a lawyer is worth their price? One method is to compare how long it takes for you to […]

Buying vs renting

Often the rhetoric around “buy or rent” centers around housing with each side overemphasizing one factor or another to justify their claim, but financially speaking renting is almost always better. […]

Real rates and returns

A colleague once told me about the amazing 10% interest she was getting in her home country’s savings account. My first inclination was to ask her what the inflation rate […]

Reduce investment expenses

Investment growth is a function of returns and expenses. Whereas trying to maximize returns requires risk, managing costs is completely within your control. Therefore, you can increase your returns by […]

Expected value

Would you pay $10 for a 1% chance to win $1000? Different people might evaluate this gamble differently depending on their risk tolerance and life experiences. What about $10 for […]

Reduce housing expenses

Housing is the biggest budget line item for everybody. The general recommendation is to not exceed 30% of your gross income, which is actually a much higher percentage of your […]

Maximize starting income

A recent report in Time shows that millennial incomes are on average 4% worst off than the previous generous. This is part of a larger economic trend of decreasing real […]