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Category: Mongolia

Mongolian Steep off-roading

Day 129: Country #16 I convinced the two new friends to join me on a tour offered by the hostel by subsidizing their costs so that it was a good […]

Ulaanbataar bus adventures

Day 128: Country #16 The unique characteristics of Ulaanbataar essentially being the only city one of the largest and most sparsely populated countries in the world pretty much means the […]

Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

Day 127: Country #16 We started the day a little late because the Gers, large traditional Mongolian tent dwellings, were very warm and the weather was a bit brisk outside. […]

Zamyn Uud to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Day 126: Country #16 The overnight train ride through the heart of the Gobi Desert was rather mundane as you would expect of a desert, but as morning approached, the […]

Beijing to Mongolia by bus

Day 124: Country #15 Having explored central and northern Beijing, I wanted to see the area south. But first, my friend wanted to explore around Qianmen Historic Street. She stopped […]