How to never get lost when traveling

On my first ever international trip, a friend and I found ourselves wandering the streets of Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, with a black and white photo copied map hand drawn map […]

Tricks to find cheaper flights

The first price you see for a flight is not the best price. Even if you use a search engine like or google/flights to sort through all the flights […]

Time Traveling Travel

Travel is an adventure through space and time. Besides seeing different cultures and locations, you can also experience, smell, hear and interact with elements of the past and future. I […]

Cost optimizing a 22 country trip: Weather

My previous post in this series about cost optimizing talked about finding the cheapest flights, but what about the destinations? It wouldn’t make sense to fly into monsoon season or […]

Independence Day in Delhi, India

Day 196: Country #20.1 I was pretty tired from the late night pilgrimage, but I was actually adjusting my body by about an hour or two per day since arriving […]

Agra, India

Day 195: Country #20.1 In addition to the sub $5 Delhi Tour, I got a combo discount for a $10 day long Agra tour from Delhi. This time, someone came […]

Delhi, India

Day 194: Country #20.1 Delhi, pronounced Dili (similar to the capital of Timor Leste), is the capital of India and its second largest city. Unlike Mumbai, India’s largest city, Delhi’s […]

Jaipur to Delhi, India

Day 193: Country #20.1 Having seen Jaipur’s major attractions, I wanted to take a day trip to Agra and return to Delhi, but I couldn’t find this option, so I […]

Great Wall of (North Jaipur) India

Day 192: Country #20.1 In the morning I looked around to find my laundry and found myself caught in conversation with a few other travelers. In reflection, it was interesting […]

Jaipur, India

Day 191: Country #20.1 As the overnight bus drove from Gujarat state into Rajasthan state, I was surprised to see more trees and vegetation, however the temples did not change […]

Cash and Travel

A lot of people prefer to use cash instead of credit card because it limits how much they can spend. There’s even research showing that the “pain” of separating from […]

Ahmedabad to Jaipur, India

Day 190: Country #20.1 Combining uncertainty with high hopes for my first walking tour in a while, and my first in India, I got up early and walked to Swaminarayan […]

Ahmedabad, India

Day 189: Country #20.1 Ahmedabad is the capital of Gujarat state, one of India’s westernmost states, bordering the Middle East with a dry arid climate to match. I’m always curious […]

Dharavi Mumbai to Ahmedabad, India

Day 188: Country #20.1 I booked a really cheap tour of Dharavi, India’s largest slum, but due to mixing up the station names, I wasn’t able to connect with the […]