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Month: April 2018

Great Barrier Reef

“Adjacent” the Daintree Rainforest is the Great Barrier Reef, a natural wonder experiencing mass bleaching events that are threatening it’s survival. I had one sales agent explain that bleaching is […]

Free activities at Daintree Rainforest

We packed out luggage and left them in the lobby then caught a shuttle which dropped us off near PK’s, where we grabbed breakfast and mangosteens across the street then […]

Daintree Rainforest, Australia

In the far northernmost region of Australia lies its largest rainforest, an unesco heritage site and home to much of the countries remaining biodiversity. Like much of Australian fauna, my […]

Cairns to Daintree Rainforest

I woke early to get the front passenger seat on the long bus ride to the Daintree Rainforest, a world heritage site, which adjacent the Great Barrier Reef, the guide […]

Cairns, Australia

Cairns, pronounced like metal tin “cans”, is a large relatively remote city in the northern edge of Australia which hosts two natural wonders of the world. I met some friends […]

Greater Port Moresby

I scheduled for a trusted driver through my host who advised me on a fair price. With a means of transport, I mapped out an ambitious tour starting at the […]

Papua New Guinea Luxury Living

I got some additional insight into how business is conducted in small countries with limited governments. My Indonesian friend was picked up again in the morning and dropped off at […]

Port Moresby – 6 Mile Market

The host had a huge book collection obtained via diplomatic pouches from her friends working at embassies. I managed to pull a book from the jinga-stack, Confessions of an Economic […]

Flesh eating wounds and movies

After over a week of infection, I had my first uneventful day of much needed idleness to allow my flesh-eating wound to aerate and begin healing now that I began […]

Papua New Guinea – Port Moresby

I grabbed breakfast with the Airbnb host at the Marina then she left for work, leaving me to explore Port Moresby. Very aware that Port Moresby’s recent economic development and […]