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Papua New Guinea to Cairns, Australia

Again I rode with my host in the morning but this time to see her workplace where I got some insights into how business is conducted. She shared with me some interesting recent events related to the Australian prime minister’s recent visit which resulted in her gaining some twitter fame, to which I encouraged her to leverage and represent the voice of the Papuan people. After reading the newspaper, I decided to explore the surrounding neighborhood and realized the roads around the stadium were closed for the retirement ceremony of a politician, whose grandchildren I met at the National Museum the day prior. As it started to rain, I made my way back to the office and was taken to the airport where I flew to Cairns. Australian immigration and customs questioned me extensively though I insisted I was a tourist. I negotiated a cheap bus fare with a driver who nicely dropped me off right in front of the hostel along the Esplanade, where I was finally reunited with my sweater, which I arranged to catch up with me after my pacific islands journey. I proceeded to explore around the city center and scout out tours, marveling at the city’s size, then enjoying a great meal at the Night Market.

You can arrange for a hotel/hostel to receive mail for you and purchase or send items ahead of your trip. This way allows you to resupply or in my case, avoid carrying cold weather clothing in hot and humid countries. Slow, cheap mailing methods work best.

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