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Cairns, Australia

Cairns, pronounced like metal tin “cans”, is a large relatively remote city in the northern edge of Australia which hosts two natural wonders of the world. I met some friends in the hostel and hung out for a bit, but then made my way to the Tjakpukai Aboriginal Culture Park where I got a huge discount for showing up late to the last show by 10 minutes. Alongside song and dance, we were taught some practical skills like medicines, long distance spear throwing, musical instruments and boomerang throwing. I missed the Skyrail to Kuranda, so instead crossed over to check out the nearby Smithfield town where I caught the bus back to town, but hopped off at the Botanical Gardens, which also contained the Tanks Arts Centre and Flecker Garden. Then I decided to explore the entire route shoreline from the Cairns Hospital to the Lagoon, reading all the boards along the way.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for discounted admission if you show up after the start of a show, especially if it’s the last of the day. By showing up via the bus with high enthusiasm to enjoy their offering and no way to easily leave, the staff must have felt bad for me.

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