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Cairns, Australia to Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a Hindu island in the primarily Muslim Indonesia and a popular backyard travel destination for Australians and newlyweds. The concentration of tourist infrastructure and motorbikes along the neighborhoods near the airport was a bit overwhelming, but made for a smoother transition and cheap flight back to South East Asia. After spending the first night at a guesthouse walking distance from the airport, I checked out and made my way between Kuta and Legian to in a hidden away hotel nearby the Bali Bombing Memorial and foreigner night clubs. Exiting left lead to the tourist area, while right (east) lead me through normal streets with people carrying about their daily lives. I wandered all the way north through Seminyak, then cross to Sari Beach and looped back south to watch the sunset, explore malls and luxury hotels where I got some useful travel information. The breadth and customization of tours was exhausting, especially given the variability in prices. Take your time searching for a tour operator else you’ll end up hiring a driver instead of a tour guide.

The accommodations located right off the main tourist strip are a great option to minimize cost and noise so you can get sleep but still access restaurants and activities. Even one block away is enough sometimes depending on how many clubs or bars play music through the night.


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