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Daintree Rainforest, Australia

In the far northernmost region of Australia lies its largest rainforest, an unesco heritage site and home to much of the countries remaining biodiversity. Like much of Australian fauna, my new friends and I were warned of their dangers, but it didn’t stop us from hiking all the way out to Cape Tribulation beach and various lookout points along some of its rocky shores, careful to avoid potential crocodiles lurking in the water. Once safely back and better acquainted, we enjoyed the rest of the day slowly at the pool, over a game of chess, snapping pictures of huge spiders and relaxing. At night we shared drinks by the shore but it was so dark that we could not distinguish chairs from crocodile silhouettes, but we felt safe using a table as barricade and heroic when stopping a birthday party of children from running into the water.


Expect prices of activities and tours to be proportional to the distance away from civilization. You can get an estimate by looking at a map to see how many hostels or accommodations are in the area relative to the rest of the area. Prices may be tame if there’s enough competition, but operators will still operate there because they know they have a captive audience that has fewer options so they can charge higher prices. However, you can always find free things to do.

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