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Free activities at Daintree Rainforest

We packed out luggage and left them in the lobby then caught a shuttle which dropped us off near PK’s, where we grabbed breakfast and mangosteens across the street then walked down to the Dubuji Boardwalk, which offered a route through natural Rainforest to Myall beach. Then we walked to Mason’s swimming hole for a quick dip but weren’t able to try the crocodile burger. We managed to make it back to PK’s on time to catch a ride back to the Beach House where we hopped on the bus for a long ride back to Cairns, making stops along the way to examine dangerous plants, eat green citrus tasting ants, some unique ice creams, search for crocodiles and take the bus through some areas where buses were not allowed. He did a very good job of planning out the route and timing it for a beautiful sunset atop a hill. Once back, two of us grabbed dinner then I explored along the eastern side of town nearby the Reef Fleet terminal.


Utilize the hotel shuttles to get around whenever possible as it can save a lot of time and money, but make sure you know the schedule or else you’ll be stranded or waste time waiting around.

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