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Papua New Guinea Luxury Living

I got some additional insight into how business is conducted in small countries with limited governments. My Indonesian friend was picked up again in the morning and dropped off at a week’s free accommodation in one of the fairly nice hotels which housed many of the Australian oil, gas and mining employees. He sent me a beautiful picture of his new residence and stocked refrigerator, meanwhile leaving me his ramen noodles and other left overs, which I tried to cook with my recent food purchase. Fortunately, one of the more permanent roommates at the airbnb, a UN program manager returned from a trip, so I had someone to talk to. He told me about his work constructing open market buildings for women to sell food and products. I suggested he consider applying A/B testing with different savings and micro-finance requirements to improve data/results for future projects.

Although plantains and bananas look and smell similar, they are quite different. I learned this the hard way after trying to peel and eat the plantains which I purchased, thinking they were bananas. Avoid this mistake by observing size and peel thickness; plantains are bigger and harder to peel. If you accidentally buy plantains, you just have to cook them. Boiling is the easiest way to unlock their excellent nutritional value.

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