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Month: February 2018

Brunei – Bandar Seri Begawan

Day 18: Country #4 Brunei is a very small Muslim country in the middle of South East Asia, bordering Malaysia on the Borneo island. With it’s rich oil reserves, the […]

Myanmar to Brunei via Thailand

Day 17: Country #3 Instead of taking the arduous route back through the only land border with Thailand, which was a worthwhile experience, I felt it would be time and […]

Myanmar – Mandalay

Day 16: Country #3 Mandalay is the commercial center of Myanmar, a past capital city, and much busier than Yangon. Because of the greater ethnic and commercial diversity of this […]

Valentines: memory-to-cost

It’s easy to frantically search for the perfect gift on Valentines, but that rush is exactly why you may not be properly evaluating the best gift to give. The most […]

Bagan to Mandalay

Day 15: Country #3 The morning sunrise over the Irrawaddy River was spectacular as I took the ferry from Bagan to Mandalay, a day long trip from sunrise to sunset. […]

Myanmar – Bagan

Day 14: Country #3 After a strenuous earth-shakingly unstable train ride (which I slept through anyway) I arrived in Bagan, the remains of an ancient capital city of Pagan, consists […]

Yangon and train to Bagan

Day 13: Country #3 Though large, Yangon does not have all too many tourist sites and museums. But it makes up for it with daily life. I woke and looked […]

Travel credit cards

Credit cards come in all sorts of flavors with various benefits. While some are suited for specific uses, like store specific cards, or up to 5% cash back (with restrictions), […]

Myanmar – Yangon

Day 12: Country #3 Yangon, previously Rangoon, the capital of Myanmar is a busy city transitioning from closed economy to modernization. Entire city districts, especially near the river fronts were […]

Myanmar by Myawaddy land crossing

Day 11: Country #3 The bus ride from Chiang Mai via land to Myanmar is long, but well paved and easy to travel. There was plenty of road construction and […]

Chiang Mai to Myanmar

Day 10: Country #2 Immediately west of Chiang Mai lies Doi Suthep containing temples, a dragon stairway, and other religious sites. Tours allow plenty of time to wander the complexes, […]

Decision fatigue and money

When we wake up refreshed and ready for a new day, our minds are also refreshed to make a whole new days worth of choices and decisions. However, just as […]