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Yangon and train to Bagan

Day 13: Country #3

Though large, Yangon does not have all too many tourist sites and museums. But it makes up for it with daily life. I woke and looked out the window to see monks seeking daily alms. Some time after the monks passed, as I headed outside, a man randomly handed me a meal of sticky wild rice, which I accepted. With the mindset that tourist sites are essentially local date locations, I looked for universities and popular local hang out spots, which lead me to University of Yangon, Inya Lake, followed by an exploration down random neighborhoods in search of a regular haircut with the plan to try and get some more local advice. I found a salon street and an incredibly good deal, $2 for haircut and wash with a short massage.  I set off that evening on another overnight train to Bagan, meeting some other very nice local passengers.

On a long trip, unless you plan to grow your hair out, which comes with benefits but also it’s own problems, the best way to get a hair cut is to find a street with multiple salons, then observe how the person cuts somebody else’s hair. Once it’s your turn, show them pictures of yourself with a fresh haircut. By observing first, you can see which tools and techniques are used. The picture reduces communication errors.

Myanmar 0212

Shwedagon pagoda evening prayers

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