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Month: February 2018

Thailand – Pai

Day 8: Country #2 Pai is a small town catering to tourist that seek to escape the busy cities with nature by day and partying by night. There are multiple […]

529 plans save for school

529 plans are the most underutilized of the tax advantaged accounts which include 401K’s, IRA’s and HSA’s. Whereas the others are intended for larger expenses, 529 plans are specifically for […]

Thailand – Bangkok to Pai

Day 7: Country #2 In desperate need to catch up on sleep, I changed plans and took the 12+ hour long overnight sleeper train to Chiang Mai. The train staff […]

Thailand – Medical Tourism

Day 6: Country #2 Despite thick jeans, the dog left a clean bite. Rabies is no joke and it’s important to get treatment immediately, so instead of sleeping, I went […]

Thailand – Kanchanaburi

Day 5: Country #2 A Kanchanaburi day trip is a relatively easy 2 hours westward train ride from Thonburi Station or via public minibus. Both are close to Khao San […]

Renters insurance must knows

One of the best ways to improve overall well being is by purchasing renters insurance to bring peace of mind at a very low cost. If you have roommates, invite […]

Open an IRA at age 18

By the time I learned that $5K invested per year from age 18 to 25 is the same as $5K invested from age 26 to the rest of your life, […]

Thailand – Ayutthaya

Day 4: Country #2 Ayutthaya, a historic capital city and world heritage site, is a short train ride and easy day trip from Hua Lamphong. Buy your ticket 1 day […]

Thailand – Bangkok

Day 3: Country #2 Thailand is a good entry point to acclimate to backpacker style travel – big, busy, but tourist friendly. Upon arriving, I took the bus then MRT […]

Get paid for knowledge, not work

Everyone is paid differently even for the same roles. Not all the reasons are justified, but often wage differences are due to differences in knowledge and skills. Here are some […]

401K contribution limit is really $55k

Ideally, we should strive to maximize our 401k contributions, but what does this really mean and how can we do it? All of us are told about the employee contribution […]

Singapore – Gardens by the Bay

Day 2: Country #1 Downtown Singapore is dense, but there is just as much green space as there are buildings. Of particular beauty are the Gardens by the Bay, a […]