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Myanmar to Brunei via Thailand

Day 17: Country #3

Instead of taking the arduous route back through the only land border with Thailand, which was a worthwhile experience, I felt it would be time and cost effective to fly from Mandalay to Brunei with a one day layover in Bangkok since both are relatively busy routes. This time I headed to and tried to walk down Sukhumvit, a neighborhood named after one of the longest streets in the world. I was able to immerse myself in the day to day way of life reflected by a stroll through this street’s office parks, busy commuter transit hubs, unscrupulous areas, markets, fancy malls and high rise apartments, with food vendors of all sorts scattered along the way.

One way tickets are a great way to reduce travel expenses. Regional Asian budget airlines, such as AirAsia, are incredibly affordable. Since there are so many people flying the routes, single way fares are effectively half of a round trip ticket – unlike in the western world where airlines expect round trip fares even for one way flights because they have an empty seat on the “return” flight when rearranging their fleets. It’s even better when you can sneak a “hidden city” in between.

Thailand 0216

Sukhumvit, Bangkok skyline

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