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Australia – Perth

Day 30: Country #6

After a morning stroll through Russell Square, I found some Australian meat pies and peacefully ate them at James street mall as I watched commuters scuttle from the far off suburbs to Perth’s central transportation hub. As the Western Australian museum was closed for major renovations, I visited its limited exhibits in the Alexander library where I met some scientists who were eager to bring out a large array of exhibits that I was (surprisingly) allowed to hold in my hands all the while telling me about Australian culture. I could have stayed all day but I was on a mission to find real Kangaroos. They directed me to eat some at a nearby restaurant, then I headed to the nearby tourist center for another city tour which included some churches and shopping malls. After the tour, I went east to look at an artifact in the city library where I was able to get a guest library card, before continuing to Heirisson island on the eastern edge of the city center to search for free range Kangaroos, conveniently around sunset which allowed for some spectacular views of the city and river with Kangaroos.

Perth is probably the safest and most convenient place to find and interact with Kangaroos outside of a zoo. Australia has a number of other locations and you might even crash into them like deer while driving, but they aren’t as ubiquitous as people think they are.


To see Kangaroos, you need a running start to cross this needlessly long and windy bridge

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