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Malaysia to Australia

Day 29: Country #6

A flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth is incredibly efficient and cost effective. You cover a long distance, and in my case escape Malaysia’s rainy season for Australia’s’ pleasant fall. I arrived just in time to capture the sunrise then headed to the city center where my map identified a tourist kiosk. I was amused when the volunteer guide suggested that today may be too hot for her to give a tour while I was absolutely enjoying the much cooler and less humid temperatures. Luckily, there was a large turnout so the tour was on and I learned a ton of things about the city’s history and present. Perth’s city center is relatively compact so we meandered through a lot of sights between city hall and Elizabeth Quay (pronounced “key”), where I hopped on a free bus to the Kings Park botanical gardens in search of its famous glass bridge. Come evening, upon returning to the Quay, I found the cityscape and bridges beautifully alight. I wandered into a beer garden and was shocked by Perths incredibly expensive food which apparently is due to the city’s relative isolation from the whole of Australia.

Flight distances do not always correlate to price. It’s mostly a matter of supply/demand. If there are a lot of regular flights and you’re traveling in off season, there’s bound to be a cheap flight, even among regional budget airlines. As mentioned in a previous tip, one way tickets can further exploit the price discrepancies.


Kangaroos outside city hall

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