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Melbourne – Parliament

I got a little confused by the plethora of tour options and ended up waiting at the wrong corner near the Parliament building and missing a tour, but conveniently there […]

Australia – Melbourne

Day 34: Country #6 Melbourne, pronounced “mel-bun” by Australians, is a sprawling modern city remarkably similar to San Francisco in aesthetic, culture and history, including it’s own free, but modern, […]

Australia – Perth

Day 30: Country #6 After a morning stroll through Russell Square, I found some Australian meat pies and peacefully ate them at James street mall as I watched commuters scuttle […]

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

Day 23: Country #5 Kuala Lumpur, meaning the muddy estuary, is a thriving modern city with much room to grow. It’s rising as a major tourist destination and the city […]