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Thailand – Medical Tourism

Day 6: Country #2

Despite thick jeans, the dog left a clean bite. Rabies is no joke and it’s important to get treatment immediately, so instead of sleeping, I went to the hospital at 1am to experience Thailand’s medical system first hand. Ironically, I had scheduled this day to experience Thailand’s famous medical tourism system, so after the long Emergency Room visit, I headed to the prestigious Baumgartner hospital to receive a full physical and other vaccinations (I even had a Rabies vaccine scheduled, which needless to say, I no longer needed). Having started my day “early”, I had plenty of time to adjust my plans, wander around the palace and museum.

Thailand’s famous for medical tourism. Vaccines in particular are especially affordable and advanced. For example, I was advised to get the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine in Thailand because it is a 1 dose shot, whereas the America version is a 3 dose series. I saved time and money.

Thailand 0205

Bangkok National Museum

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