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Thailand – Kanchanaburi

Day 5: Country #2

A Kanchanaburi day trip is a relatively easy 2 hours westward train ride from Thonburi Station or via public minibus. Both are close to Khao San district, Bangkok’s main backpacker/party/tourist area. This small city’s main attractions center around Japanese WWII related museums and sites, most of which stretch along one main road which runs parallel the river, ending at the River Kwae Bridge. I also found my way to Wat Ban Tham in the next city to climb up a cave temple with a pretty awesome dragon shaped path for a nice challenging hike. I got a bit too adventurous and was bit by a dog…

Maximize your day at a day trip location by combining train and bus time options. To Kanchanaburi, I got up early to try the local ferry to Thonburi, napped on the train, which dropped me off before sunrise, then I took the evening bus back because the last train left in the afternoon.

Thailand 0204

Wat Ban Tham’s extensive stairs through a dragon to a cave temple and mountain top.


  1. What an amazing photo! Those stairs and the temple the lead to were one of my favorite things when I visited Kanchanaburi. We definitely don’t have anything like that over here in the US!

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