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Thailand – Pai

Day 8: Country #2

Pai is a small town catering to tourist that seek to escape the busy cities with nature by day and partying by night. There are multiple waterfall, cave and temple locations that can be visited within a day. It was a hot day, so a group of us organized a tour with the guesthouse owner’s Thai-French daughter and off we went, enjoying the breeze and panoramic views from the back of a truck. Tham Lod Cave offered escape from the heat through serene bamboo raft rides and cave exploration (aka spelunking, not to be confused with splunking). Once we got back, I rushed to the bus station to head back to Chiang Mai, getting dropped off at the night market where I got some food, explored the inner city and booked some tours.

Small towns are a great way to escape from the city and gather travel information from other travelers. To identify if a town fits the description of a small, tourist packed reserve, look for the word “charming” when researching blogs and travel websites.

Thailand 0207

Bamboo raft ride through Tham Lod Cave, aka “Lod Cave”

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