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Month: July 2018

Hong Kong, China to Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 155: Country #17 After cross referencing different route options and their total costs, I concluded the cheapest path to Nepal was through Macau, although it required spending a night […]

Hong Kong Parks, China

Day 154: Country #15.2 Despite the complaints about high property values and lack of affordable housing as well as space, a look on the map reveals plenty of green areas […]

Hong Kong, China

Day 153: Country #15.2 When entering Hong Kong’s extensive subway system, you get an even greater sense for and appreciation of the city’s compactness. Escalators extend multiple levels below underground […]

Macau to Hong Kong, China

Day 152: Country #15.2 I explored the area around Gonbie station on the Zhuhai side a little more, trying to spend the remainder of my RMB since I didn’t expect […]

Macau, China

Day 151: Country #15.2 I asked the space hotel’s staff about bus routes to Gonbie station and was able to cut some time off the trek to the Zhuhai-Macau border […]