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Hong Kong, China to Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 155: Country #17

After cross referencing different route options and their total costs, I concluded the cheapest path to Nepal was through Macau, although it required spending a night layover at Kuala Lumpur airport and a few extra hours in transit.

I chatted a little more with my roommate in our laughably small mini dorm room, to get more information about Sri Lanka, then made my way to Sheung Wan ferry, and disembarked in Macau’s Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, where I caught a free casino shuttle to City of Dreams, then another to the Macau airport.

As I arrived to Kuala Lumpur, the usual busy airport began to clear out while some people settled in to their waiting chairs or even sprawled out on the floor. I didn’t want to risk losing anything, and unfortunately all the lounges were closed, so I searched around for other options.

First was the prayer room where I saw a woman laying on the mat, but I felt a bit unwelcome. Then I found a maternity room for mothers to breast feed, change and nurse their children. It contained a comfortable sofa and lock, so I settled in for the night.


The main flight/train/bus ticket cost shouldn’t be your only price consideration. You have to also factor in transit costs to get to the airport or station as well as meals because, for example, an airport meal will be much more expensive than the same item from a local vendor next to the bus station. But if you take the bus, you might end up paying for an expensive meal at a restaurant stop (the bus drivers are paid a commission to go there, meaning you are paying the restaurant to pay the bus driver to rip you off). Time is another variable depending on your schedule.


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