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Macau to Hong Kong, China

Day 152: Country #15.2

I explored the area around Gonbie station on the Zhuhai side a little more, trying to spend the remainder of my RMB since I didn’t expect to return to mainland china.

Afterwards, I crossed the border and walked again to the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, stopping by local spots to find food.

Then I hopped on the hour long speed boat to Hong Kong, Sheung Wan terminal and quickly purchased an Octopus transit card to reach the hostel, a converted Hong Kong style accommodation. I was”upgraded” into a 2 person closet with another American who had been living there for about a month. He had recently traveled to Sri Lanka for volunteer work so I asked lot of questions about his experience.

Then I headed out to explore the famously compact and expensive city and experience it first hand. From Causeway Bay to Victoria Park, the Hong Kong Central Library and the Lighthouse on Kellett Island, I didn’t feel too cramped, but I did notice the narrower than usual streets and thin double decker trolleys. The most interesting signs of the competitive real estate market came in the form of a whole street full of real estate companies.

As I headed back toward Central Hong Kong, I saw beautiful displays celebrating 20 years of peaceful transition from the United Kingdom to China.


The best way to minimize the amount of leftover money from a country is to estimate a daily cost and then only withdraw a few days of cash at a time. The key to this strategy is to use a ATM fee free debit card which is offered by some banks.

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