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Guangzhou (Island), China

Day 148: Country #15.2

I went back to Huacheng Plaza first thing in the morning so I could go to the Guangdong Museum and also because I wanted to find a path to Canton Tower without taking the expensive subway.

0628 China x1

Another view from a skyway in Huacheng Plaza, Guangzhou, China.

The Guangdong Museum felt like an international museum, containing exhibit halls dedicated to world history, geology and many other topics, but there were some China specific ones, too.

0628 China x2

Jade exhibit in Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou, China

Then I passed by the Guangzhou Opera House, a massive structure, as I walked westward to looked for a path south. Again, I saw an abandoned unlocked bikeshare bike, so I borrowed it, which allowed me to quickly cross a bridge that led to a small island that split the Pearl River.

Having made it to this island, I got detoured through Chuamkey Park and Development Park and decided to visit the Provincial Art Center and Guangdong Museum of Overseas Chinese. This caught my attention because one goal (of many) for me of this huge adventure is to understand China’s role in the 21st century.

0628 China x3

A Chinese map displaying Chinese presence across the world.

I pretty much couldn’t read anything since the museum is not catered to Americans. However, the Provincial Art Center did not need words. It was surprisingly large given it’s seemingly quaint name.

0628 China x5

Each ring is a currency note from various countries around the world!

I felt a little bad about hiding the bike while visiting both museums, but vowed to return it to a more suitable place, so I hopped back on the bike and rode all the way back to the main landmass, where I came across Tung Shan Lake Park, filled with beautiful walkways along a (probably) artificial lake.

0628 China x7

One of numerous bridges and pavillions in Xue Ji Xuan park, Guangzhou, China

With my range significantly increased, I biked north to Sun Yet-Sen University North Campus, where I dropped off the bike and made my way to the nearby Martyr Park which contained the Tomb of the Martyrs, Guangzhou Insurrection Monument, and Guangdong Revolutionary History Museum.

0628 China x8

A colonial style museum and park where modern China was concieved, Guangzhou, China

As night approached, I made my way back on foot stopping by malls along the way.

It’s OK to visit the same locations multiple times, but try to approach and leave from different routes so you get a different experience and perspective. You might see new things that weren’t visible from one direction or another.

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