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Cantonese (Guangzhou) China

Day 147: Country #15.2 There are ten’s of millions of Cantonese (a Chinese dialect) speakers in the world across numerous Chinatowns, Guangzhou and Guangdong Province, but from conversations with hostel […]

Guangzhou hospital

Day 146: Country #15.2 When I woke up, the vision in my left out was extremely blurry. After showering, it was still out of focus, indicating that something was wrong. […]

Guangzhou, China

Day 145: Country #15.2 I arrived in the early morning before any shops opened around the Guangzhou Center, but with sunny weather, I was excited to start exploring. I grabbed […]

Changsha to Guangzhou, China

Day 144: Country #15.2 With another rainy day, Changsha was living up to it’s reputation as a very rainy city, but I tried to not let it limit my second […]