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Bavet, Cambodia

“I suppose even world class body builders need a rest day to lounge around in bed,” I rationalized to myself as I found myself paralyzed in bed under my makeshift mosquito net bubble in order to avoid the numerous mosquitoes throughout the hotel area and my room. To be fair, my smart watch showed that I had walked nearly 1 million steps in the past month so a day to heal is probably a good idea.

After sleeping in, laying around and getting a long needed rest from the last few weeks of intense movements from Papua New Guinea to Australia, Timor Leste, Indonesia then Cambodia, I got pretty hungry and finally left the room where I felt completely extorted by a pretty expensive meal for essentially a plate of rice. I was lucky they included soup.

Demoralized by the situation and all the time lost, of course it started raining, so I didn’t even bother to look for the casino and I tried to go back to sleep, but ended up sorting pictures, looking up future visa needs and planning.

A smart watch is an essential travel tool. I recommend finding a model with:
1) 10+ days of battery life so you can wear it for sleep tracking and only charge occasionally such as during errands/laundry day,
2) Always-on screen to read the time and alerts easily, and
3) Water-proof so you don’t have to take it off when showering.
GPS tracking is also a nice feature so you have a complete record of all the places you’ve been to and seen, but I tend to be weary of being tracked wherever I go.

The other benefits of a smart watch include, not needing to pull out your phone as frequently to reduce theft, staying on track with planned activities like bus departures and tours, tracking calories burned so you can feel better about eating more food, bragging (sharing) about your fitness records which dwarf your friends back home.

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