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Australia – Sydney

Sydney, Australia’s biggest city boasts it’s most diverse economy with almost half the population being foreign-born, reminded me a little of Los Angeles. Despite a little rain, the city was quite walkable and I made my way to the piers to catch a glimpse of the Sydney Opera House and purchase a concert ticket then joined a free walking tour starting at Cadman’s Cottage. I learned a lot about Sydney history as we walked through the Observatory and “The Rocks” neighborhood, seeing remnants of it’s past which are under dispute between people that want to preserve the past and people that want to develop the area. Some wandering through the Botanical Gardens lead me to a free recital at the Conservatorium of Music, the Museum of Sydney, and a tour of the Wynard area. Then I listened to a beautiful concert at the Sydney Opera House, but forgot to thoroughly explore the inside before leaving. Wanting more pictures of the unique structure, I foolishly decided to across the Cahill Expressway to see the city from across the bay. Luckily it was a quick subway ride back, allowing me to explore the area around Hyde Park, then I zig-zagged over to Darling Harbour and through Chinatown before calling it a night.

Bridges look nice and are usually highlighted as beautiful tourist attractions, but they are generally not worth the effort to cross by foot. Only cross them if you have a means to cross back quickly or if you only need to cross it one direction. They are cold, sunny, windy and long without much else around to do.

0315 Australia

Historic and modern buildings along “The Rocks”


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