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Sydney to Auckland

After a short stroll around Central Station, I was a bit sleep deprived and both happy and disappointed to be leaving Australia so soon, having spent only two days in Sydney, but I looked forward to mysterious New Zealand located in the far off corner of the world. I picked up a trick about the subway system then caught my flight. The Auckland airport decor was quite welcoming. Despite being New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland and New Zealand itself are not that big, making it relatively easy to explore around the city center for an introduction to Kiwi culture and discover some unique food items. I was amused by the dare devil options available within the cycle like bungee jumping from the sky tower – which I don’t think would be covered by my travel insurance.

You can run negative balances on many metro cards, so with proper planning, it’s a strategy for saving money. Transportation tends to be one of the larger expenses, especially in more developed cities. Sometimes the negative credit is just an offset for the purchase cost of the card, so you aren’t necessarily cheating the system, but sometimes if the card is free, you really can go negative. Plan your time accordingly in case you need to add balance, otherwise become an international criminal, flee the country, and never come back!

0316 New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand (Auckland Airport)!

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