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Australia – Launceston, Tasmania

Being on the east coast, I woke early to catch the sunrise on the beach, only to get my shoes soaking wet by a rogue wave. Then I said goodbye to my neighbors and drove along the Bay of Fires to look for a spot to bathe by the ocean because I thought it would be cool! I ended up destroying my slippers and, in retrospect, probably escaping near death to the really large strong waves. After hiking through The Gardens where I saw much bluer and calmer waters, I headed through the forests toward Launceston, Tasmania’s 2nd largest city. I stopped by the University of Tasmania to explore the campus, and coincidentally found a shower to bathe properly, then went to see the sunset at Cataract Gorge Reserve, taking a beautiful trail along the hydro-power river. Afterwards, I strolled around the Marina and downtown, talking to locals. At one point I thought I had made a wrong turn and was back in Hobart because of the similar architecture.

Don’t randomly get in the ocean if there aren’t other people or life guards around and there are large waves. Water is very powerful and can pull you out to sea with it. You should look for a protected area where the water breaks and doesn’t flow straight in and out – like a bay shape. Look around, sometimes you’ll find areas constructed like natural pools to allow for safer swimming.

0310 Australia

Feels like a car commercial, but just me and the wild outdoors.

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