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The Spirit of Tasmania

I woke early again and watched the sunrise through the car window as I rushed to catch the Spirit of Tasmania, a daily cruise ship/ferry between Melbourne and Devonport. The car return offices were all located right across the dock, making for a simple key drop return. The nearly day long ferry was rather uneventful though there’s potential to see whales and dolphins. I made small talk, charged all my devices, walked up and down the decks, sorted through photos and slept, especially after losing cellular data. I was happy to return and see more of Melbourne.

Bring a compact multiple port USB charger so you can charge multiple devices from one outlet. It’s also good to bring an all-in-one power converter which has a USB output so you can effectively charge your phone. All devices use power even when off, so it’s a good idea to charge if you’ve been or plan to be away from reliable electricity.

0311 Australia

Melbourne skyline from the Spirit of Tasmania

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