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Perpetual summer – Avoid the rain

Day 28: Country #5

Despite it’s size and breadth of tourist attractions, Kuala Lumpur is still not fully developed into a modern metropolis for all tourist so I kinda ran low on attractions to visit. The day started off with rain which severely hampered mobility and with a flight to Australia scheduled for the evening as well as a last minute plan the night prior to change from an overcrowded unhygienic hostel to a much cleaner hotel where I got a rooftop room and made a new friend, I was hesitant to venture too far from the city center. Instead I played tour guide to my newly arrived Philippine friend who also had to return early to work and offered to let me store my luggage in their room after I checked out.

Rain severely limits travel activities, so it’s best to plan to avoid it. One way to do this is to make a list all your countries and the expected weather each month, specifically note when rain/monsoon/typhoon season starts. Then rearrange the list to stay ahead of the bad weather. As the rain approaches, fly away to a new country then loop back around when the weather improves. If planned properly, it’s possible to stay in a perpetual and fairly rain free summer year round.

0227 Malaysia

Rain clouds approaching Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

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