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Malaysia – Melaka (Malacca)

Day 27: Country #5

Malacca is an coastal ancient city that existed before the British built Kuala Lumpur to redirect commerce. A long day trip tour by road includes a walk through the Melaka Heritage Trail, the church, a few museums, and down Jalan Tokong where you can see Malaysia’s diverse history on one street which includes buildings to all the major religions simultaneously within view. I liked how the bus dropped off at one end of the city center and picked us up at the other end to maximize the attractions. When I got back to KL, I met up with a school friend in Bangsar suburb for a nice bamboo leaf style dinner at this vibrant upscale side of the city.

It’s near impossible to convince friends to join a long term travel adventure, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy parts of it with you. Figure out which countries your friends might be living in or plan to travel to and try to make some time to meet with them.

0226 Malaysia

Jalan Tokong’s temples, mosques, churches, etc on one street.

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