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Kuala Lumpur – Free tours and food

Day 24: Country #5

I like how food vendors rotate along the Kasturi walk so I was able to get a different breakfast before starting a free tour of the nearby temples, music and textile museums. After the tour, I wandered around, got lost in a mall which made me realize that Malaysian malls are designed to disorientate and prolong your stay in them. After escaping the mall, I found my way to the next tour in Kampung Bharu where we learned about the Kuala Lumpur’s oldest neighborhood’s traditional Malaysian houses, land values, and sampled interesting dishes through street markets. After the tour, me and one other person hung out with the guide to sample orange durian fruit as we waited for the nearby Sikh temple to open where we enjoyed a free vegetarian meal.

Some religious sects open their doors to the community and offer free meals. They’re a great way to eat alongside locals and immerse in their culture. The meals tend to be simple but nutritious and safe. Make sure to follow proper protocols such as taking off shoes, wearing long sleeves, or whatever else you’re asked or observe others to do. Donations are a great way to show appreciation for the experience.

0223 Malaysia

Traditional Malaysian house in the center of modern Kuala Lumpur

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