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KL, KLIA, KLIA2, KLCC, Petronas Towers – acronyms galore

Day 25: Country #5

In addition to really confusing malls designed with maze-like escalators and round about signage, I noticed Malaysians also like acronyms, including using the same acronym for multiple locations or vice versa with multiple acronyms for the same location. This made it a bit confusing when making my way to the iconic Petronas Towers, also known as KLCC, (Suria) Kuala Lumpur City (or Convention) Center (or Park). The main KLIA airport combines both naming and maze features masterfully. Multiple free buses go toward KLCC, but finding the stops is a little more challenging even with a tourist map. It rained along the way, causing some pretty massive traffic jams, but I made it and experienced getting thoroughly lost trying to find the way up. As evening arrived, I headed to the KL tower for evening views of the city.

Many major cities have towers. They tend to be quite expensive tourist attractions because they offer great views of the city, but arguably they’re the second best view of the city because the best view is usually from some other tall building featuring a restaurant on top where you can take a picture of the city which includes the iconic tower landmark. Some restaurants even rotate.

0224 Malaysia

KL’s Petronas Towers from the KL Tower

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