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Singapore – New Years

Day 1: Country #1

Having landed late evening in Singapore, I headed toward Chinatown where I knew food vendors would still be open. Prices were $2-3 per dish, which is a great deal for such a modern and sophisticated city. This neighborhood is dense with numerous food areas. I especially enjoyed the huge variety of exotic freshly pressed fruit juices. Later I walked around the promenade that wrapped around a marina in the center of Singapore, checking out shopping centers, bridges, parks, nightlife and talked to locals.

Some holidays follow the lunar calendar, which does not align with the Gregorian calendar that we’re familiar with. One example is Chinese New Years which was on January 28th in 2017, but February 16th in 2018. When reading about and planning for different festivals, keep this in mind and don’t rely on a blog post from 1-2 years ago to determine which days to book your trip.

Singapore - Chinese New Years

Street decorations for year of the rooster

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