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Tag: food

Xi’an foods, China

Day 133: Country #15.2 We arrived at Xi’an Railway Station on the north side of the walled city center where we grabbed some tourist material and a metro card. My […]

Zamyn Uud to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Day 126: Country #16 The overnight train ride through the heart of the Gobi Desert was rather mundane as you would expect of a desert, but as morning approached, the […]

Port Moresby – 6 Mile Market

The host had a huge book collection obtained via diplomatic pouches from her friends working at embassies. I managed to pull a book from the jinga-stack, Confessions of an Economic […]

Singapore – New Years

Day 1: Country #1 Having landed late evening in Singapore, I headed toward Chinatown where I knew food vendors would still be open. Prices were $2-3 per dish, which is […]