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Melbourne – Parliament

I got a little confused by the plethora of tour options and ended up waiting at the wrong corner near the Parliament building and missing a tour, but conveniently there was a free parliament tour, which gave me a nice introduction to the commonwealth system of law and comparison to a tour I got in Washington D.C. I was beginning to sense the numerous parallels between Australian and American histories and cultures. After the tour, I walked along the Yarra River, crossing some unusual bridges to make my way to the Melbourne Cricket Ground and sports center before looping back through the Fitzroy Garden’s where I found some very unusual attractions like tree stumps and mini houses. I got back a little early to do some laundry and figure out plans for my next stop, Tasmania.

Most countries offer tours of some of their national government institutions as a way to promote their country, count tourists, employ staff, and promote overall good will. Parliament tours may not always be the easiest things to find and you may need to ask about them in person.

0306 Australia

Melbourne parliament house

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