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Yogyakarta to Bandung, Indonesia

As I stepped outside, I saw a handful of people grabbing dishes from a push cart street vendor that stopped in front of the hostel. I was fascinated by the level of trust on display as people took bowls of noodles inside to eat and then paid as they returned the bowls, so I also ordered a serving. Then I walked down the street to Pura Pakualaman, a private palace with public museum which showcased the line of Pakualaman rulers who reign over a stretch of land to the southeast, outside Yogyakarta. The guide revealed some history behind land successions and distinctions between the Pakualaman family and the other families like the one in Keraton Palace. Afterwards I relaxed at the public square outside the palace then got caught in the rain as I made my way to the train station, making yet another place where I found myself departing right as the rains arrived. It was another long overnight train ride so I saved on a night’s housing.

A tactic I use to learn about a group of people is to ask their neighbors about them and vice versa. I also research via Wikipedia or other online sources if I’m especially interested in getting a third party perspective. This way you will get multiple perspectives that you can use to come to your own conclusions.

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